What people have said about Michael LaBash, the designer:

“I've already been showing the new site to people and I've been getting compliments on your design work as well as my artwork.

I really appreciate the simplicity and clarity of your design, and I think your choice of colors and the layout with the detail mosaic really enhances the way people see my work on the site.  So many people have expressed to me their appreciation for your design since the old Eroplay Featured Artist page went up back in the last century, I knew I had to stick with you and keep the new site similar to the old, just bigger and better.  What you did is just about perfect.

I wish I could afford to send you a thousand - you deserve it!  But as a freelancer myself I always try to keep my prices reasonable for artists and I really appreciate that you do the same!”
- Fred Hatt, artist

“The radio DJ at Pirate Cat had some really nice things to say about the website--that it was one of the best websites he'd seed for anything, ever.  Cool, huh?! “
- Gretchen, Sticks and Stones

“Rock on! Hey love the new site design, hats off to Michael LaBash! And here I was all stoked about my new site :)” CHEERS Mojo (re: Sticks and Stones website)

"…you are a fine designer as well as a true artist!"
- Fred Hatt, artist, dancer

“…I don’t know of a better art director than you. It was so much fun, personally and professionally, working with you.”
- Mike Harris, editor Electronics Journal

“Finding designer that makes your navigation icons skeletal middle fingers and testicles…priceless.”
- Christian Correra, artist & client

"The whole site (eroplay.com) is very beautifully designed... the sitemap alone is worthy of framing and hanging on a wall"
- erikKA, ACiDSoXX MuSiCKS

“EVERYONE is severely inadequate compared to you! You are truly a diamond in the ruff! 
- Irene Bremis, comedian

“You took my idea for a band poster and my wake and bake stream of consciousness and made it a reality for me. What more could I ask for?”
- JB Diamond, High Voltage

"Thanks for all you've done. You're a pleasure to work with..."
- JB Diamond, High Voltage/Sabbath Lives

“Mikee I so love what you did for me. I have a beautiful slide show to share with my friends. I love that you showed every page for that is real.”
- Ann Cohen, artist

"The big thing is that he stayed neutral and really listens - he only gives opinions that you as the customer need to hear, but he never makes you feel that your idea is not valid."
- Michael Saunders, Streetgrease Clothing

<palo> which web authoring software did you switch too?
<labash> dreamweaver 4
<palo> ok
<palo> so, the LUVeR.com site is built by dreamweaver 4?
<palo> the reason I ask is because it's probably one of the best sites I've seen anywhere...
<palo> and they layout is great...

"Just to reiterate, Sano is pleased as punch with all your work and thinks you're the best thing since sliced bread."
- Cathryn Streeter, Bioscience Securities, Inc.

"The new look and feel (of the website) is terrific. Also, I've gotten complements from folks about how fast it loads and how good it looks. Congratulations on a great design."
- Jonah McLeod, www.literatureview.com

"Everybody that sees my featured artist gallery raves about the design of the site – well-conceived, clean, elegant, easy to navigate, loads quickly, great use of color. I always give you credit….I was working for a big internet company with 300 employees and a bunch of sites and I have to say though they have a few nicely designed sites, yours beats the crap out of most of them. Nearly everybody I’ve shown it to, their first response is "Who designed that for you – it’s beautifullyl done!"
- Fred Hatt, artist, dancer

“And Mikee, you have the dope skills, wicked styles and bomb design.”
- Jennifer Wilson, artist

"Wow --seeing the photos next to the text is stellar and colorful --I like what you are doing with this. It's enjoyable to look at--the combinations!"
- Marie K. (about NYC 2002)

“She said that they don’t usually cold call people for work like that, they usually go with personal recommendations, but they really liked the card, and got a good feeling from it.”
- On the subject of a business card by LaBash


1992 Ozzie Award for Design Excellence, Silver Award
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks Magazine

1992 Ozzie Award for Design Excellence, Bronze Award
ASIC & EDA Magazine

1991 Ozzie Award for Design Excellence, Honorable Mention
Ellis Island & Statue Of Liberty Magazine

1990 Warren's Waller Ptress, Award Of Merit
FPI Slaes Kit

1989 Ozzie Award for Design Excellence, Gold Award
ASIC Tecnology & News

1984 CA-84 (Communcation Arts) Design Annual
Award Of Excellence
Vintage Club Book

1981 National Zoological Park, Research Traineeship in Graphic Design

What people have aid about Michael LaBash, the artist:

"LaBash is from Berkeley, California and does work for the amazing but infrequent Berkeley publication The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary. His style is generally triumphantly sexually fueled and will probably disgust some of you wimps out there. He will be a featured artist in an upcoming issue of The Astonisher. Ain't he cool? Look for him soon..."
- The Flashing Astonisher #4 April 1996

"Michael LaBash is from Berkeley, CA and is one of the most chaotic and beautifully perverted artist in the underground. He works with Frank Moore and they produce one of the coolest and free-spirited mags around called The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary. Hopefully he will draw the attention of some over religious and over sheltered right wingers with his cover and get GARY arrested."
- The Flashing Astonisher #6 June 1996

"I like the collage effect of the characters with multiple genitalia and their sinister garish quality perfectly combined with a cartoon sweetness."
- Marnie Parrell, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Ontario

"Checked out the LaBash show at Cafe Abir. It rocks. Twisted erotic funny psychedelic imaginative kinky multi-uni-gendered and truly original hard working quality art."
- Keith Hennessey, performance artist/curator, 848 Community Space, San Francisco, California

"...thought the graphix (on the website) were energetic and fun. visited mike's site afterwards and liked it very much as well. he's a talented boy! it's interesting how he operates in two such different worlds, his graphic design aesthetic so clean and crisp, his art so wild and free. both are beautiful."
- Jodi Bloom, Washington D.C.

"Michael LaBash's drawings are hilarious and delightful."
- Ralph Haselmann, Lucid Moon

"Thanks for the LaBash artwork. I dig it. Fuckin’ really cool, man. I love all that psychedelic shit. Something for the eye to look at in every corner. And he’s not afraid to delve into the perverted areas of the human psyche. Keep it up LaBash. Keep it up."
- Dave Dannov, artist

"Your drawings are charming, and playful, more fun than Blair Wilson's which are good and comparable in style to you but his are mostly monsters and gargoyles...yours more playful and details within details you really have to look all over each drawing cause a lot is going on...wonderful!"
- Ralph Haselman jr, poet/publisher 11/11/99

"Fascinating stuff! Marquis de Sade meets Basil Wolverton."
- Reed Waller, artist

"Your artwork is lookin great! I fuckin love these things! I haven't seen anything _this_ hot since I first looked (many years ago) at the work of my friends S. Clay Wilson and Keith Haring! Your work has sharpened up and crystallized into a really snazzy psychedelic view of heaven, hell, and purgatory---all at the same time! (insane man!) cool cool"
- Art Long, artist

“I wanted to thank Mikey for all the cool artwork. Amazing stuff. He is super talented. I really dig these.”
- Vinnie Spit, musician

“You are the soundman extraordinaire!”
- Andrew Poisoner!, artist, musician

(Your painted tiles)…are the coolest thing I have seen all day!”
- Gregg Yeti, Flashing Astonisher

“Michael, Wonderful (Komix.com) interview. I’m glad you are getting some of the media attention that you rightly deserve.”
- Your fan, Annie Sprinkle

“…and Mikee we absolutely love the pic you drew of Dave and me...it is uncanny how close you got to depicting us both only Mikee…”
- Ana Christy, poet & small press publisher

“… now comes Mutant Press, … presented with some fantastic pen and ink drawings by Mikee Labash.”
- Paul Raw Nerve